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What I know is this: our hearts are stubborn creatures. They always remember how to push a splinter out like a foreign enemy from the body. They want to heal. Even if we didn’t know there was an injury. Even if we loved that splinter like a limb.
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A special prayer for all those who are suffering in silence, those who keep smiling yet are struggling to cope. May the Almighty bless you!
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I drowned so you could breathe.
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Mother was your door to this Dunya, Mother will be your door to Jannah.
Take care of this door.
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#Goodtimes #LovedOnes #YummyLollies :D

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thnkyou sistar☆ @mariumsmht 
I just love it ♥

#henna :)
thnkyou sistar☆ @mariumsmht
I just love it ♥

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Maybe the soul is tired because all it needs is more time with the Lord. Maybe the heart is tired because it has been fed with all the wrong things. Maybe the mind is tired because it hasn’t been nourished with beneficial knowledge.
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